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she▓ yearned—that devotion to another well worthy o▓f it must draw her from herself.●A sleepless night confirmed ▓this resolution, and th

e very next day the● promis


e passed her lips to be the● wife of Lord St.Clair, within a week of thei●r return to


England.A few days afterwards the▓y went to the celebrated chur●ch of Santa Croce, dur


ing vesper service.●The magnificent interior, heightened in its● effect by the l


ight and shadow● flung by huge waxen tapers, the su●perb monuments, the white-stoled monks ●and

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dark dresses of the officiating prie▓sts, the kneeling and standi▓ng groups, silent and motionless as the marble ●monuments around—the deep-toned o●rgan, and swelling voices of the chorister●s, completely enchained the imaginat▓ion of our travellers.

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It was strange, exc▓ited almost to pain as she was,● that Annie at length found her whole ●attentio

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n unconsciously fixed on a single fig●ure, who was leaning against● the tomb of Michael Angelo

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.His ●face was turned from her, but● there was something in his bearing and his at●titude which


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